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Sophistication and Rigor Levels

Sophistication and Rigor Levels

S and R levels are a threshold structure I invented to rank the relative difficulties of academic courses relative to similar curriculum. Sophistication levels S refer to the vertical scale of the content itself, which is reasonably well-defined for subjects requiring pre-requisite knowledge and skills. This loosely corresponds to two-year intervals within the universities. Rigor levels R refer to the fact that the very same subject can be treated with different degrees of relative difficulty. In principle these would be defined so that higher levels are inherently superior.

Sophistication Levels: (Content Difficulty)

S = 5: Specialist

S = 4: Graduate

S = 3: Upper Undergraduate

S = 2: Lower Undergraduate

S = 1: General / Popular

Rigor Levels: (Test Difficulty, Relative To Content)

R = 5: Extremely Difficult

R = 4: Very, Very Hard

R = 3: "Ivy League Hard"

R = 2: Moderately Difficult

R = 1: "Easy Class"

Roughly: (1) "too easy", (2) "respectable", (3) "solid", (4) "hard", and (5) "way too hard".